Who will be big in 2010? BBC’s Sound of 2010 hits the meh barrier (again)


Heard a bunch of the BBC’s Sound of 2010 on Music Week and on the wesbite, apparently ‘165 UK-based tastemakers’ worryingly, and  my instant responses:

  • Daisy Dares You – to be a Lily Allen clone
  • Little Florence Marina and the Diamonds Boots Machine
  • Stornaway‘s Fleet is rather Foxed
  • Delphic Klaxons of Trojan War, or are they Friendly?
  • Joy ‘Where’s the Burial?’ Orbison (great name though)
  • Ellie Golding – La Lady Gagahawke called and wants her sound back
  • Giggs in Manuva Attack Shocka!
  • Rox-y Winehouse
  • Two Door Cinema Club is obviously having a Vampire Weekend
  • The Drums are obviously from Franzvegas
  • Devlin will suffer in the autotune backlash of 2010. Do we need another Plan B? Isn’t one enough?
  • Everything Everything quote Radiohead as an influence but I can hear Peter Gabriel/Coldplay when the industry has gotten to them. Nice to see the african/Vamps influence again. It’s all a bit Simple Minds though.
  • Gold Panda (Bear, Collective) – like the raga samples though. Could do some interesting collabs or go up his arse like Animal Collective.
  • (Johnny) Hurts (Jazz)…in Black and 80’s white. Can hear them writing for boybands shortly. Like the return to the embarassing 80’s video though – but surely 2010 is the death of the 80’s revival? Please? Again on the Simple Minds/dreampop mid 80’s ABC thing. Saxaphones? Ugh.
  • Owl City (obviously The Postal Service is on strike there, ho ho) – reassuringly crap name probably referencing Harry Potter. The return of twee, ffs.

The only ones I liked were The Drums who have been getting airplay already, Two Door Cinema Club cos of the Vamps influence (ditto Stornaway cos I’m a big fan of teh Foxes), Giggs could be interesting and Joy Orbison’s fidgety drumstep crossover might wobble into the charts but it’s all rather generic and sounds like someone else. Meh.

What do you think is going to be big in 2010?

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