Rage Against the X-Mas Factor


Fuck you Simon Cowell I won’t do what you tell me! Yes I’ve bought my copy of ‘Killing in the Name Of’ by Rage Against the Machine in protest of X-Factor nonsense and the ‘guaranteed’ Xmas #1 – I want my Xmas #1 back, Teletubbies and Bob the Builder and Blobby and all…and so should you (if you’re in the UK). If you buy it now before Saturday 19th December at 23:59pm you’ll contribute to the Xmas chart…yeah I know this is silly but anything that reduces Simon Cowell’s inane grin (he thinks this is stupid btw) is got to be good.

And X-Factor REALLY has destroyed music in this country…even the insane wonderful silly outsider novelty songs don’t even try now despite the going being the best in years with downloads and social media – cos of the X-Factor behemoth sitting on top of the charts with it’s trousers way too high. X-Factor is evil, simple as.

I’d avoid some of the download services unless you know 100% that they contribute to the charts – I know 7Digital, iTunes and HMV definitely do – the others not so sure.

Of course all the hipsters and pedants will piss and moan and not put their money where their mouth is and call it silly…well then don’t moan when Joe or whoever won it sings that dreadful Miley Cyrus ballad all over your Xmas telly…


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