Mashing up politics

(Powershift Flashdance London 2009)

I was looking at the frankly disgusting video of Lord Monckton calling COP15 climate change protesters (noisy but peaceful; and ones that like SustainUS seemed happy to debate – he should try and meet some of the hardcore G20 anarchists they’d probably just punch him in his upper class fat ToryUKIP face) ‘Hitler Youth’ – and later defending his stance – idiot – and I came across this mashup Flash dance at the end of Power Shift conference in October. Say what you want (as long as it’s not as dumb as Lord Monckton*) but these people do know how to make politics look sexy and mash it up a bit.

And despite old uns grumbling that it’s ‘like a cult’ it’s nice to see the youth fired up about something where apathy usually reigns apparent. And using flash mobs and mashups for something other than passive dumb entertainment…can’t see how being active and engaged is in any way ‘Hitler Youth’ especially if you can debate what you believe rather than just call names, unlike some people. Scary that the usual belittling tactics beloved of Republicans is being used elsewhere, but making out the other side is a mortal enemy in the pay of big business or government (I doubt Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley* is going to be down with the ‘little man’ either – he’s no freedom fighter for the common man) is a depressing sign of the times where PR wins out over logic.

Although they need to work on their song a little more…*wince* I suppose they weren’t rapping, that’s a blessing.

* remember this is a man that not also was on Margaret Thatcher’s policy team in the 80’s *spit* but also thought people with AIDS should be ‘quarantine all carriers of the disease for life…isolated compulsorily, immediately, and permanently’. Which he never totally retracted, only admitted now it was ‘unworkable’. Nice bloke.

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