Happy Hannukah (and Xmas and the rest) from MutantPop.net

Happy Hannukah and Xmas, I’d thought I’d carry on the holiday tradition of offending you all, equally (it’s because I love you all!) with a video version of A&D’s ‘Give Da Jew Girls Toys’ (Trio vs Sarah Silverman) as featured on the wonderful Boing-Boing featured Menorah Mashups compilation – which is highly recommended, especially the FAROFF mash ‘House of Klezmer’ which I’ve posted here before).

It’s also available as an iPod version for you festive Apple bobbers out there, and also over at MutantPopTV if the grinches get it before Xmas.

Anyhoos I looked for a video for ‘Give Da Jew Girls Toys’ and didn’t find one – it’s either a) they’ve all been ContentID’d by UMG (check! 1 DMCA on a Pear Tree! Thanks YouTube, you shouldn’t have!) or b) people were too scared to do it (Two Twitter Ducks!) or c) it hadn’t occured to them (3 Fr…that’s enough, Xmas Ed). Well anyway it’s got one now as a present to A&D who are currently as I write rocking the Bootie Xmas party

christmas Naughty Santa - garrettkippAlso rocking the merry mashups is Mr Fab, whose
Mr Fab…and His Bag O’ Toys compilation of his Xmas tracks 2004-2008 I haven’t heard fully yet although I know G-L-O-RIAA to be an ace Xmas mashup..in fact just heard a snippet of what possibly could be from one of the films quoted in this videomash…small world 😀

Video includes also some of santa’s B-movie hits – the gloriously technicolor psychedic magic realist santa of 1959’s ‘Santa Claus’ – a mexican production previously featured on MST3K with Santa overseeing child sweatshops of wincingly stereotypical children, scary robotic reindeer and appearances by a devil and Merlin. Just as weird is Santa Claus Conquers the Martians which not only is now in the public domain and downloadable for free, is like a seasonal cross between a stock fare Santa-gets-kidnapped movie, bad Doctor Who production and B-movie scifi. Odd.

Boos of Xmas Past go to YouTube and Myspace – both pulled the video on upload and I had to do Myspace’s ‘Copyright Indoctrination Quiz’ to get my upload rights back..ffs. Sarah Silverman should lose Interscope/UMG, because if you can’t be mashed you’re no-one, baby.

Also still available last year’s Chrimbo effort – Scarey Xmas (noticing a trend here anyone?)

Don’t hit me – it was all in the best baddest possible taste. 😉

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