New domain for this blog –

Just to let you know there is a new domain in town for this blog: Only taken me 5 years!

Please update your links/blog links if you love this blog…it’ll really help search rankings unless you think a half-abandoned fashion blog with about 8 posts, a Xtian right-wing fundy podcast and a Clash site (obviously The Clash single is prior-art as it’s where I got the name so I’m less bothered with this, the Wiki etc and Clash-related links should be above me) which is never seemingly updated should rank above mine? I’ve been shuftied to page two in Google which is a little rude…I won’t link to the culprits as it’ll increase their rank, try Googling them – but really…try a little harder!

I’ve put in redirects so your feeds etc. should redirect, but please check for strangeness with iTunes/podcatcher/newsreader/links. The current feed URL should be either or for the blog or for those subscribing via iTunes or directly to the podcasts.

If you are still using the mega-old PLEASE UPDATE IT NOW – I updated from that years ago due to a WordPress change killing that feed – there are a chain of redirects in place for that, but no guarantees they’ll work nor keep working. Fairly sure multiple 301 redirects = unhappy podcatcher.

Let me know if there is any linky-strangeness or broken links, either commenting or clicking contact above for my details.



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