Finally a music-related post! Skyve Reuter – Rave will never die

Checking my email after Africa and this note from Skyve Reuter, the Belgian dj and producer dropped in the inbox:

Hi blog friends,

I just released a free bootleg album called ‘Bootbox’, including 13 mashups of banging party tunes and two dj-friendly edits of tracks by Roy Orbison and MGMT. Several tracks were already picked up by international blogs and radio stations, but now it is time to give them all away, as a present to all party dj’s and music lovers around :-).

‘Bootbox’ features tracks by Goose, Jokers of the Scene, Surkin, I Robot, Saint-Germain, Lotterboys, Tiga, Caesars, Fake Blood, The Wiseguys, Alex Gopher, Dirt Crew, Franz & Shape, Jamie T and many others, all mashed together. Of course all bootlegs are made for everyone’s party pleasure only, and not to make money (it’s free).

Joris / Skyve Reuter

Well I don’t usually check out tracks from spec emails for various reasons but this one I did (note to those sending tracks – having a soundcloud/fairtilizer link really helps, as does artwork and bothering to send me the music I blog about e.g. mashup/bootleg/remixes rather than acoustic singer/songwriter drivel which goes in the Trash box immediately!), and I am really glad I did – love the rave attitude of these mixes, especially the Baggy Bottom Theme above cos they were right, RAVE WILL NEVER DIE. Despite bad ‘nu-rave’ attacks on it, it will like other genres have impossibly rude health despite those proclaiming the death of it (a bit like mashups in fact).

Also getting props is the ultra-hip Surkin vs I-Robot of Laidback Frau, I can imagine the US and Bootie SF crowd being all over the Eurythmics vs Kid Cudi of ‘Sweet Day (and Night)’ and the Tiga-tastic Lotterboys mash ‘Can’t Control The Hotness’ which although builds slowly is a total CHOON. Moar! Moar!

You can download the full Bootbox set on Mediafire. Very nice stuff indeed 😀 And also anyone who remixes Roy Orbison is a friend of mine (one of my early mashups was Roy Orbison vs Peaches)

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