Know Your History part 2: London Booted

Fast forwarding past 2003 and part one of this series, we join our intrepid DJ Heroes in 2004 as they decide to Clash it up and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the classic London Calling LP, mashup style.

Richie Deluxe over at Culturedeluxe was the main honcho who put together the MP3-only release, but eventually the project snowballed from the virtual into the real when Nick Foster decided to put it out on his newly formed Prankmonkey Records, mostly as 2×12″ records, but the rip here comes from the Japanese only 2CD set which includes ALL the tracks, including the B-sides which were in the original MP3 release. Big thanks to Dunproofin for sending this to me (I only had the original MP3s and my gratis unplayed vinyl :-D)

Best tracks? Well Don (Pirate Soundsystem aka Blo_up)’s ‘Burnin’ which predated and I think inspired the project is still a classic and best track here, Loo & Placido know dub like no other so really bring something to Guns of Brixton, and I love DJ Riko’s and EzLee’s uptempo efforts. McSleazy’s chilled version of Lost in the Supermarket really works bringing in Adam Freeland and vocodered lyrics, and the glitch brigade is well represented by JoolsMF and Josh (Cry on my) Console (another Pirate and both DJ Hero-es ;-), and although they’re b-sides I still have fond memories of Allen Smithee’s Streets mash and Dr Helix’s appropriate use of the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels sample in his ‘Card Shark’ bootleg – wonderful.

I’ve also included all the original artwork I can find (thanks to Jumpthesnark for helping with that) although I don’t have a hi-res of the eventual release artwork (unless I try and scan and stitch my 12″!) and 2 bonus tracks that you probably won’t find anywhere else – a Manriki track meant for the album instead of ‘Good Profile’ but the Peaches acapella had already been used (shame because I think it’s a better track than Good Profile), and a recording of Don’s ‘Burnin’ up being played by Eddy TM on the Remix on XFM. History, bitches!

This is a release dear to my heart, not only is it the first (and only) time I’ve appeared on vinyl as Instamatic, gaining my own Discogs mention, but also the design of this very site was originally meant for it, but personal reasons meant I had to bail and Pheugoo instead did the cover…

So if things had gone very different you’d not be reading Radio Clash now (probably be called The Strawberry Accident Affair or something :-P)

Also the Jimmi Jammes track ‘The Girl Wants A Cheat’ was the first track I played in the first ever Radio Clash.

You can get this slice of fried gold here (106Mb) or failing that you can find it over at the Bootleg Archive as individual MP3 files, try the direct archive link here which should never change (warning: any hammering of my server or sharing of the direct link and I will take it down again!). Again proceeds were originally to charity, but Future Forests seems to have disappeared (?) and I can’t remember the others. Just be nice to each other instead, as Joe would say.

Disc One

  1. Blo_Up – Burnin’
  2. Dunproofin’ – Bubba’s Got A Brand New Cadillac
  3. Agent Lovelette – Burning Hot Jazz
  4. Stevie Mac – Hateful
  5. Eve Massacre – The Power Of Rebelution Can’t Fail
  6. Instamatic – Spanish Bombs (Over Baghdad)
  7. Manriki – A Good Profile
  8. McSleazy – Lost Souls In The Supermarket
  9. DJ Riko – Build ‘Em Up, Clamp ‘Em Down
  10. Loo & Placido – What About Brixton?
  11. Miss Frenchie – Fuck ‘Em Boyo
  12. JoolsMF – Death Or Glory (Zeigeist Mix)
  13. Cry On My Console – Koka Kola (Tizer Remix)

Disc Two

  1. Jimmi Jammes – The Girl Wants A Cheat
  2. Pop Razors – 40 Lovers
  3. 10000 Spoons – Four Hoarse Men
  4. E-Jitz – I’m Not Down (Hold Your Head Up)
  5. Poj Masta – Rapturous Revolution
  6. Ez Lee – Vain Mistake
  7. Allen Smithee – Street Profile
  8. Dr Helix – Super Sharp Card Shark
  9. Faultside – Hysteria In Vain
  10. Freed – Birmingham’s Burning
  11. Freed – Rhythm Of The Dub
  12. LazyTramp – Funky Guns Of Brixton
  13. BONUS: Eddy TM on XFM – London Booted on the Remix
  14. BONUS: manriki – Fuck The Right Profile (The Clash vs Peaches)

Apols if I got any of the history wrong; it was a long time ago (and most of the people aliases are dead…only kidding!)



  1. Gianni
    October 26

    FANTASTICO!!! Huge, in english?

  2. […] 1 war über den ersten Sampler des GYBO-Forums (Get Your Bootleg On), jetzt haben sie den alten Clash-Mashup-Sampler „London Booted“ gepostet. Hier der Link zum Download (ZIP, 106 […]

  3. Bob
    November 24

    Thank you so much for posting this, I had it many many years ago on a laptop that got stolen,and could not find most of these tracks anywhere. There are some of my favorite mash ups here, and this album is so worth owning. I will be passing this link on to many people.

  4. April 6

    Can you tell us more about the sample that begins your ‘Spanish Bombs Over Baghdad’?

    • April 6

      Oh wow – it was made something like 13-14 years ago. Hard to remember.

      It’s from a live Clash concert, one of their crew that usually introduces them (I think he’s quite famous now?). I’d need to check my source files for which concert, if it was ever tagged….at the time I downloaded every version of Spanish Bombs live and Clash live show for bits to use because there weren’t any stems, no sources unlike now with Rock Band which makes it now really easy to remix The Clash. Back then I was desperate for anything!

    • April 6

      Got it = thankfully I backed it up elsewhere as my RAID is currently rebuilding. it’s the (aborted?) version of Spanish Bombs from the 1985 Roskilde festival (29th of June 1985). They start and then just stop, and then that guy comes on, it sounds like a mess, I guess the cameras got in the way? Hard to tell because my MP3 is glitching a bit, but that’s what it sounds like.

      I recognise the voice of the guy from other Clash live bootlegs, he was one of their roadies I think? It’ll probably be track 14 of the live bootleg.

  5. April 6

    Wow, an ocean more knowledge than I anticipated. Thanks very much — I’ve wondered about it every time I heard it.

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