Do or DIY are Awful Fun and Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate breakbeats


Despite the weird and cruel nature of the universe atm (look at my twitter or Livejournal if you need to know) I’ve been taking comfort listening to People Like Us’s Do or DIY end of show compilation ‘Awful Fun’ available over at WFMU. Some crazy collages and manic avant-retard action, my fave bit so far is Spike Jones going into Mistabishi via what I think is a V/V/M sick-music style version of Funkytown (?), and then a brief cutup about Goodman and Buchanan getting arrested (presumably over copyright LOL).

ultimateAnother freebie I’m wading through atm is Ultimate! Ultimate! Ultimate! by DJ Superix which is a mix made of the 160 songs of the legendary Ultimate Breaks and Beats series…nothing to shout about numbers wise compared to say Akira the Don, and slow starting, but when it gets properly going half way through CD1 with the funky tunes you don’t know you know, it certainly has the retro ‘OMG that’s where it’s from’ and ‘OMG I remember that sampled by X’ recognition factor, as well as the classic ur-grooves that still work 20-30+ years later. Includes longer sections of great classics like JB’s Payback and Lowell Fulsom’s Tramp. One for sampling hiphopheads, definitely.

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