UK Funky – yup another new genre!

Twittered about this but forgot to post about it – Uk Funky (or just ‘Funky’) – a new genre/type of music coming out of I guess house, dancehall, grime and 4×4/nu garage scenes, adding african beats or soca beats and rather simplistic dancehall/aerobics style lyrics, I love the groove though, and seems like every song has a fun simple dance, a bit like those 70’s disco records…this one could go either way πŸ˜‰

‘Funky’ is a terrible name though, stack it next to ‘Clubhouse’, ‘bassline house’, 4×4 (that sort of makes sense, although 4 step rather than two step = 4 to the floor!) ‘electro house’ and ‘nu breaks’ (when they don’t have a sniff of a breakbeat or broken/off beat).

Love the fact the videos have got kids in, old people, everyone getting funky…like grime not a bling bling supermodels getting low (partly cos they don’t have the money) but brings in the fun aspect, which I like. Unpolished videos are the shizzle anyhoos…gangsta and all that crap is on the way out.

Here’s K.I.G. – Head, Shoulders, Kneez & Toez with a funny video – this penetrated my consciousness earlier this year but then thought it was some grime or novelty offshoot πŸ˜€

Crazy Cousinz feat. MC Versatile – ‘It’s that Funky’ with a new dance (of course) for you – love the schoolkids on this, getting down πŸ˜€

Bigzy & Unkle – RingaRoses doing a response to Knees and Toes, hopefully with less plague/swine flu otherwise this could be rather portent…

Remains to be seen if this goes all DJ Pied Piper on us though…I’d love to see and hear more african/soca and dancehall riddims coming into dance and hiphop though. Even South America – UK Cumbia anyone? πŸ˜€ If it’s going overground (cf Metro paper of all places!) there was little sign of it at Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday, didn’t hear much obvious music like this, more dancehall/reggae/rave/techno and ibiza classics πŸ˜€

Shouts out to CMP for the last video and posting over at GYBO and reminding me to share these πŸ˜€

P.S. What strikes me is that YouTube is replacing the pirate radio (or ripping those tunes and spreading them far and wide) – take this dark house/funky tune from Karizma:

Weird to hear that booming out of my laptop speakers and not from some FM station from a highrise!

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