Shot through the head – giving Love a bad name (Necrophilia Hero 5)

Digging up Kurt for the $$$ and allowing a virtual Kurt (Kurtual?) to rap Public Enemy, sing Bon Jovi, Megadeth, Stevie Wonder, Bush (ugh), Bowie (‘Fame’ at the end seems very prescient) is Guitar Hero 5. Shame Leonard Cohen has more sense than to license his songs otherwise ‘A Singer Must Die’ would be most appropriate. Or AnotherLOVErHOLEinyohead.

Funny but also very sick and wrong; but I guess drug habits or rehab don’t come cheap. Horrible. The skeleton seems in bad taste too, but I assume you can choose avatars, it just seems tacky and unnecessary, but welcome to the Estate of Love and Cobain 2009, no real surprises here…like that terrible Doc Marten ad. Sigh.

Eagerly waiting for footage of Johnny Cash singing Ex-Girlfriend, Du Hast, Hungry Like the Wolf or Sympathy for the Devil to appear…not. (Yes one of the other avatars is Mr Cash…way to go Activision – why not go for crapping on the grave of John Lennon next? Hey a Joe Strummer avatar singing Katy Perry or Shania Twain, that’d go down well with the kids!). :-O 🙁

EDIT: oh they’ve got the Man In Black on drums on a Motley Crue song, so as you were, the hunt for meaning in my life is over, I can now die happy.


Best comments so far – from SonicRocker15X:
“That song is inaccurate!
When Courtney had Kurt murdered, the shot wasn’t through the heart…”

dix: “does it include the USB shotgun to off yourself?


(via Stereogum)

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