Higher State of Jazziness

Surely you can’t cover Josh Winx’s Higher State of Consciousness without 303s? That’d be CRAZINESS I tell thee! CRAZINESS!

Well you can:

Needs moar Coldplay 😉


    • August 31

      Yes I knew it was old (shot in ’06) and heard that show before – known about Christian Prommer either from Do Or DIY or Wobcast for years – but I didn’t know there was video footage of it.

  1. Pete
    September 1

    Yeah, sorry couldn’t resist it especially as I nick so much of my casts from yourself and others.
    I should play the other tracks by him, though Angus wasn’t impressed with his Strings of Life.

  2. Pete
    September 2

    GYBO eh. New one on me.
    We’ve recently done a cover of Evapor8 on Kazoo.

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