I Present to You: Raygun!

Yes their amps may not go to 7 let alone 11 and about as rock as David Hasselhoff but there is something severely odd in the state of Denmark (St).

Yes this is as ‘edited’ by the wonderful BracesTower (is that what he’s doing now?) – but the originals are as jaw droppingly bad but with less good music (ironically the Gershon Kingsley moog-pop would be more fun than the dreadful corporate blandie sound they create). As well as, you know, comparing themselves to Bowie, Iggy Pop and James Brown, and moaning about having to work doing an admin job. Crivens! Such Middle class angst! I’ll get the barricades, you call the butler and call off the dinner party, darling!

I love the ‘experimentation’ bit about coming up with new sounds…then playing a boring pop song like the rest. You can’t make it up.

Funnily the band ‘apologised‘ but I don’t think they were being totally serious 😉 I suppose they have RCA’s money and don’t give a fuck…good luck, with Ocean Colour Scene-lite, Ultrasound-lite Menswear-tastic music like that you’ll need it! Gotta give Fightstar and Scouting for Girls a run for their money eh?

This displays the number one industry rule: never ever let musicians talk.

Here’s another class parody:

EDIT: Just found out they’re from GUILDFORD. FFS. That explains it all. (my old stomping ground; dull as fuck and only given the world 2 musical acts – Vapors – good but one-hit wonder, was listening to that today actually and musing the lack of decent Guildford bands – and Blueboy – shite. No Stranglers weren’t from Guildford actually 😉

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