Kiki and Herb Loves You

And would die for you 😀

How many songs include Bonnie Tyler, then mash in the Byrds, WB Keats and more? Well allow Kiki and Herb to show you:

Live they are a musical reference whirlwind – very appropriate to mashup culture and quite radical – I mean singing a torch song version of Annie Lennox’s ‘Why’ then dropping in NIN, or doing a medley which goes from Gil Scott-Heron to Wu-Tang/Method Man to Eminem to Prince and back again…all cabaret style. All the while making sick jokes about cancer and dead babies in suitcases. 😉

I wish they would come and do a tour near me and release more records 😀 I saw Justin Bond, channeling Jamie Lee Curtis at Gay Shame one year, he’s a great singer, don’t let the character of Kiki (drunken washed up singer) confuse you…very talented and should be known more than that singer who did the song on Shortbus, or a novelty cabaret act – their musical knowledge goes far deeper than say Richard Cheese (whom I also love, but he doesn’t do this 😉

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