Month: August 2009

August 31 /

Surely you can’t cover Josh Winx’s Higher State of Consciousness without 303s? That’d be CRAZINESS I tell thee! CRAZINESS! Well you can: Needs moar Coldplay 😉

August 30 /

Yes their amps may not go to 7 let alone 11 and about as rock as David Hasselhoff but there is something severely odd in the state of Denmark (St). Yes this is as ‘edited’ by the wonderful BracesTower (is…

August 29 /

Coming over as the bastard child of John Oswald’s Plexure and Osymyso’s Intro-Inspection Akira the Don created a 10 minute mix for The Remix on XFM with 210 songs. Check it yo: Girl who? 😉 Love a proper copy of…

August 25 /