New Radio Clash is coming…

There’s a new Radio Clash in the works, a very special episode and will be released on 31st July, with maybe a special event on the 30th of July. Watch this space!

Why? I can’t tell you unless I kill you first 😉 It’s all ready to go but…well you’ll see 😀

In other news I know there’s been a massive slow down and problems with the host and the blog – been working with them and these should have been fixed…the whole ‘speed up WordPress’ thing is an arcane art; and I’m up to my ears in caching plugins and DB managers atm. And it was a particular Twitter plugin which was causing some posts to not even appear…this plugin has been sent to the naughty step.

Edit: does anyone know of a good CPU detection plugin for WordPress? It seems there is one but doesn’t work with newer WordPress…it is one of those things that would be made a LOT easier with a plugin!

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