More face things…

Someone though who did do a great job of making my fizzog look more than passable is Mark Who Boy, who like it seems the rest of the Who Boys has given up music and started painting – art is the new rock n’ roll donchaknow!…so of course I had to go sit for Mr Rathmell and had a great evening of wine, chat, art and films about Francis Bacon (and The Acid House, which is well odd if good, especially the last story).

Here are his portraits, for someone who’s only got back into painting this January he is coming on great, very confident lines now and developing his own style. I love how he’s captured my trademark puzzled/inscrutable/confused/squinty expression on #2 and the beard on #1 rocks. I hope to see an exhibition of his work soon!

 2 by Mark Rathmell
Tim 2 by Mark Rathmell
 1 by Mark Rathmell
Tim 1 by Mark Rathmell

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