I hate my face

Self Portrait

..but like Anthony Gormley says, I’m available (this is a euphemism for cheap whore when it comes to me, I am the cheapest model I know!)

This is an experiment with some new gear – Cactus Wireless triggers, which I really recommend, 10th of the price of Pocket Wizards which will set you back £400 (!!!) – I’d heard that the old ones (v2) were 7/10 reliable, whereas these v4 ones seem 9 or 10/10 reliable – only started to fail when the flashguns were getting tired, so it was the batteries…other gear is a Sekonic L-308s meter (it’s a little on the frisky side, light wise, but good) and I already had the two Vivitar 283’s from when I bought Fred (my Bronica SQ-Ai medium format camera, you can see it here http://www.flickr.com/photos/fingertrouble/3738490281/).

Another tip is to never throw out polystyrene boards – I was bouncing the light from the flashguns with some boards I found on the street, smart! Just to prove you don’t need a fancy studio to do this…

And this is note that I’ve created a new Flickr account for my ‘serious’ photography http://www.flickr.com/photos/fingertrouble/ – this is where my portraits and best work will live – I’ll keep the timbearcub account for personal stuff, Second Life and the like…I like to keep things tidy! Note I’ve updated the best-of too http://www.flickr.com/photos/fingertrouble/sets/72157621471979587/

Back to the music!

Self Portrait profile

Self Portrait

Oh did I point out how much I hate my face? Ok. Reasoning is, if I can make myself look beautiful or interesting, I’ve probably got a better chance with everyone else 😀

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