DJNoNo is the King of Muppet Mashup

After the release of a certain Muppet Mashup album, just want to remind you like MJ, DJNoNo is the King of Muppet Mashups*, unlike MJ, he is still alive and probably carousing somewhere in Essex atm. 😛 😉

Don’t believe me? Then check out this muppetastic mix from 2006 which got mentioned on Boing Boing (Cory LOVES Muppets ;-), Fraggle Rock meets Sebastian in Fraggle Ross (2008), The Count meets Dillinja in 2006’sCounty Sound, even Instamatic tried to muscle in with D12 vs Sesame Street ska version on My Muppet Band (which probably was one of the DJNoNO tracks that wasn’t!). And if you search Radio Clash for muppets you’ll find many Muppet related tracks I’ve played over the last 4 1/2 years.

* well BracesTower, Phil & Dog, Mr Fab, Pilchard, Bran Flakes and ECC might dispute this 😉 And quite rightly so, cos they have done amazing Muppet mashups and I probably would defer the Muppet Crown to those people…not sure why they aren’t on the new album either apart from Mr Fab/RIAA’s well deserved inclusion – well BraceTower has disappeared but the rest are around?


  1. July 7

    Actually I did contribute an RIAA track to the collection – tho it’s the last track, easily overlooked I suppose.

  2. July 7

    Oops I did add that to the post but it must be in the drafts…I did hear it, very good 😀

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