It’s not fair…I missed these Lily mashups!

I dunno, Lily Allen mashups are like buses, turn your head for a minute and 2 come at once and whizz past the bus stop.

I missed these first time (uh, like 2 weeks? YEARS in blog land) but the first is by the excellent ThriftshopXL – I raved about the last Lily video he did with the Cure, and now Lilyest Hobo (please no dog jokes) which got the thumbs up from the label and b3ta and loads of other places. In fact it had pervaded my consciousness that something callled the Lilyest Hobo was out there, but never clicked on the link..If I’d seen TXL next to it I would have immediately because he’s always quality.

And the next is a surprise – me liking a Darkness mashup! I know, Lily now Darkness, what is Tim coming to? Anyway mixed with the wonderful Buraka Son Sistema by the french bootlegger Elocnep (one to watch, kids!) and from Foolklegs II – which if it’s anything as good as the first one is well worth downloading as I just have. I’ll let you know.

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