team9 chills out for summer; summer cancelled but doesn’t matter


New for summer rain-soaked period between April and September, as you stay indoors watching the grey you’ll need something to take your mind off it.

Enter team9 whose new tracks are in a relaxed mood, and in partnership with Ministry of Sound, whom I might have now forgiven for the Ministry of Shit debacle…was a few years back now. Anyways as with the Cutup Boys they’re no stranger to mashups, so asked team9 to create some chilled mixes for their radio channel.

Surprisingly good, especially love the Art of Noise vs Korgis vs Sofa Sweeper ‘Everbody’s Gotta Have Moments’ which of course as I love both the Art of Noise – probably the best pop song ever – and the Korgis strangely via BabyD – it pushes all the right buttons. And Riders Lookin In which is the first time since a certain Rapture Riders someone has used The Doors and that song in particular to great effect.

Oh and check out the new site – designed by one World Famous Audio Hacker. Very nice 🙂

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