Autotune, so much to answer for

Electro, WLTM Slap Chop informercial for mashup fun?

Autotune being a plugin that changes the voice to correct pitch, althouhg abused famously by the likes of T-Pain, Kanye and originally Daft Punk.

There are loads of these autotune videos – doing the rounds at the moment – probably the best is Autotune News:

And the new Autotune news Obama Flashback – Just posted!

And the classic T-Pain meets Akon for Lunch – ‘butternut reduction! butternut reduction!’ ;-):

And don’t forget the original spoof – B.o.B. still funny ‘Autotune, as posted here last year. Yup ahead of the game, bitches!

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  1. These are HILARIOUS. I am so tempted to actually drop “Rap Chop” in the club…


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