Month: May 2009

May 30 /

Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ done literal style. Just like the comments I was literally crying with laughter…’Fonzies got clones’! ‘Blind posessed choir boys!’ ‘That angel guy just flet me up’. 🙂 Thanks to bookbear for bringing this…

May 29 /
May 28 /

I love the comments about Amstrad, would you like to kiss me? The look after ‘I like art’ and media career, tower bridge and his arse 😉 So slightly NSFW…via @robmanuel and Cassetteboy’s blog.

May 27 /

One of the new tunes I played in Saarbruecken *cough* sorry DJNoNo played in Saarbruecken – was this new one – I’d not heard Deadmau5’s ‘Ghost n’ Stuff’ – great spooky electro action a la Phantom – but when I…