The return of Thriftshop XL*

Many of you might not know the name Thriftshop XL – but along with Eclectic Method he is one of the video mashup pioneers from the early days of the current mashup scene…involved with video mashes played on TV such as on The Hits and The Box and I think involved with MTV Mash (remember that?), involvement with End of the Month Club in Glasgow and an alround good bloke. Really there are a lot of video mashers out there, but very few who are quality and take it beyond the basic cut A vs B – TXL is one of that few.

So here’s his latest video mixing Bat for Lashes with the Cure, the Bat for Lashes song is very hot (well in my BBC Radio 6 world anyway) and this works very well, the moody Cure video and the scary video for Daniel (balaclavas! AARGH!) providing a great video.

Check out his site for more, including the excellent video and audio for LiliBye, continuing the Cure theme mixing them with Lily Allen…

Oh and other video mashers? To paraphrase Ian Fondue: Welcome to big skool.

*Yes I know he’s not gone away if you look at his YouTube channel, but then it’s not news and *I* missed it so that’s what matters, eh? 😉

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