Shitcase Cinema and a new podcast coming!

A new podcast with the estimable Ian Fondue in the can, and coming to you shortly despite feeling suddenly an hour behind the rest of the world (it’s like deja vu – must be the Matrix), but I had to share these great film reviews by Shitcase Cinema.

Totally NSFW but brilliant guerilla cinema in the realm of ‘Get Stuffed’ (remember that?) and suchlike – low budget but highly funny, and most importantly RIGHT.

Here’s their take on the movies of Elvis and the Beatles, to keep it music themed, and correctly stating that if you’re a musician DON’T MAKE MOVIES. You’re a musician, stay that way!

Their review of the Batman franchise (and no prizes which of the films really gets it in the BatArse) – make sure you watch Part 2 also to find out what happens to Professor Bruce:

And the review of all the Friday the 13th movies (it’s quite gruesome and horrific, not the films, I mean the hacking to death they get by the reviewers!). I even agree with them about #6, the only one I could actually watch although still really bad. Good work!

Check out their Commando and Arnie specials, and nitpicks about The Thing too. Noticed they’re only getting a few hundred views for these – criminal, they deserve MANY more.

Thanks to Not-I for the tip.

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