If you hate your printer…(Mistabishi Printer Jam vs Office Space)

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Then this video might give you some laughs, or revenge. This is a video mashup/cutup I’ve done using the excellent and highly recommended Mistabishi and his insanely genius Printer Jam track, mixing in the original video at the start, but 64.6343% more Office Space, 13.45322% more cats and 14.4357% more insane YouTube people beating up printers, office equipment or other people.

I hope he nor Hospital Records mind, I really recommend you go buy ‘Drop’ the album it’s on, it’s already one of my favourite CDs of 2009 mixing dubstep, liquid and jumpup drum and bass, Burial-style ambience, and even uptempo rave/old skool dnb piano numbers. Highly recommended.

If the above wanky new open source FLV player doesn’t work for you (you can even embed this on your own sites – feel free!) then I’ve also uploaded it to Vimeo (BOO! to YouTube and Fox who nixed it immediately cos Fox won’t allow Office Space to be uploaded there) and you can download it below:

320×240 MP4 (should be iPod friendly)
640×480 H264 MOV (should be DJ friendly 😉


  1. March 25

    I. Love. This!!!!!

    “PC Load Letter? What the f*ck does that mean?!!!”

    • March 25

      I thought you’d like it…was actually ready Monday bar the titles 🙂

      • March 26

        I also have to agree on ‘Drop’ too… Totally monster album and it’s going to have to take something huge to knock it from my #1 album of the year spot, and we’ve not even left March yet…

  2. March 26

    Such violence!
    Such wreckage!
    Such carnage!
    SHOOTING an unarmed printer?!?

    I’m sure many who see this can relate to the irksome frustrations with machinery that won’t cooperate no matter what you try!

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