Duellin’ DJ Yoda does Dirty Pickin Damage!

DJ Yoda should be well known to long time listeners of Radio Clash (and anyone into cutups, mashup history, turntablism or music generally), and if not, why not? Actually don’t answer that…

041djyoda Anyway as part of the Data Transmission podcast he’s created a great Cut and Paste Country & Western mix mix, mixing country, blues and hiphop – sounds like an odd combination? Not really – from Wyclef’s dubplate with Kenny Rogers, to the like of Gangstagrass and millions of mashups the country/hop hybrid has been well done. Even I’ve DJ’d a few of the tracks in this mix as part of the country sets I did in Second Life.

But here are some greats – Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire goes urban, Littlest Hobo and Duellin Banjo drops, and Dolly Parton…need you want anything more?

And yes there is Country AND Western 😉

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  1. Oh Dolly, that must suck to lose to a drag queen in a Dolly Parton contest

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