My best photographs

I’ve setup the ‘Best’ set in Flickr, which includes what I think to be my best photographs so far, well of the ones I’ve shared online, anyway (there are about 10,000+ film ones that have never been scanned!).

Quite hard for me to choose, I’m very picky technically but also have to see the other side that some pictures transcend that criteria – even if I can see in my head the picture I saw at the time, and the photo doesn’t measure up. I’m sure all serious photographers get this.

To see more click the link at the top of the page (wooh!).


  1. February 12

    Glad you’re posting more of your photos, Tim. Do you have a film scanner? I’m looking for one and everything seems either too high-end or too basic.

  2. February 12

    No I don’t have a film scanner…best thing is to buy one on eBay, scan like crazy, then sell it again. The Nikons are like golddust anyway.

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