Month: February 2009

February 26 /

Prog rock? More plush-soft more like… *the writer of this joke has now been suffocated with a cushion. Eye(let) fank ewe!

February 26 /

(from xkcd). You know who you are. And have already spotted the intentional pedant-bait, although not the trap within. *SNAP*!!! Too late. Oh dear, one less pedant in the world, how we must suffer their/there/they’re loss 😛

February 23 /

via madamemish this had me in tears (in a good way). I also say: don’t divorce my friends.

February 11 /

I’ve setup the ‘Best’ set in Flickr, which includes what I think to be my best photographs so far, well of the ones I’ve shared online, anyway (there are about 10,000+ film ones that have never been scanned!). Quite hard…