Cruise Control: 2 years of DJing, laughs, silliness, no more

After over 2 years (OMG has it been that long?) I’ve stopped the weekly DJ sets at the Parkade in Second Life.

No bad reason, no drama, just need to spend time on other stuff (like: finding work, career, photography). I’ll probably pop back time to time to DJ for the odd special set 😉

I recorded the last set, at some point it’ll be here. Sad to leave ‘Cruise Control’ behind, but after 2 years it’s time to focus on career and paying gigs. I’m clamping down on creating free stuff, it’s great and all, but it doesn’t pay the bills – and the bills are the real problem at the moment.

To see some of the great times we had there, you can view the silliness here.


  1. Dov Watanabe
    January 20

    Tim! I wish my work schedule didn’t conflict with your (afternoon in the U.S.) Cruise Control sets, I would have been able to make it to many more of them along the way. So I was at CC I think three times but in addition I used to catch you and Amanda during some weekend events and you inspired me. And thanks to that inspiration I’ve been DJing on SL for ….. ummm…. well, it’s been a year + now. I know it takes a lot of care and energy (and time, and money) to put together a decent set. And yours were waaay above just “decent.” They were wicked fun and spontaneous and surprising and always ALWAYS worth going to. Thank you for the good times. I hope I tipped you enough when I had the chance. 🙂

    Looking forward to what’s next from you,

  2. January 23

    I’m incredibly sorry to see you stop the weekly set, you know that… You also know what I said on the phone and I still mean it too… Plus, you know I’ll be dragging you back for some special stuff and that the door is always open if you want to come and DJ on a regular basis again…

    As for the last two years (and more), all I can say is Thank You…

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