woooh Magma Lady! Rise and Shine daily songwriting show

All this week Rise and Shine are doing live streaming writing a song (and other entertainments) interactively – in 3 hours by which it’s recorded and then put on the site, every night for a week from 7pm.

I could only drop in for the last hour and had distractions but I’m proud that the wonderfully bizarre and topical Magma Lady had a few lyric donations (polar bear and the santa bit) from me – and the lovely Ben Walker (the guy who wrote The Twitter Song – thought I recognised him from somewhere!) used them! 😉

I think it’s a different songwriter/musician each week so it’s going to be fun…definitely tuning in tomorrow, a bit earlier (ironically I was doing a very acidic remix in Renoise, not very musical though and forgot the time!).

Anyway I think this is more what interactive/online TV should be about – live interaction with the audience helping to obtain a goal which is not just writing a song it’s also raising money for charity – btw I think at least half or more of the proceeds of these songs (if they get a hit) will go to charity, and donations on the site.

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