I guess you have to Be There…

Hey I have a deal for you – if you’re thinking of switching to Be Un limited ADSL2 in the UK (upto 24Meg broadband!), let me know and I’ll refer you, saving you the connection fee (24 quid!). I have 6 friend slots to give out, so hurry…

I’ve been using Be for a long while now, really happy with them apart from a current slight DNS flakiness which they are fixing (for which you can use alternatives OpenDNS or DNSAdvantage anyway, which I’m doing atm with no problems). You get a funky wireless router too, which is pretty good (Alcatel Speedtouch 780 I think; you can forward ports through it, does VOIP etc). Unlimited downloads, and they’ve not signed up to that dreadful UK anti-piracy ISP ‘3 strikes and you’re out’ thing either – credit to them!

For the sake of transparency I get an extra month for each person I sign up to Be, and maybe some Amazon vouchers – but I do genuinely think it’s a good service, as good as Zen my previous ISP. I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise (there was a similar scheme with Servage, but they are so bad I never recommended them to anyone, I value my friends too much).

I need email, first name, and last name – so email me at my Gmail – my id is timbearcub.

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