Another Santastic 4 video

When I heard Voicedude’s track from Santastic 4 I saw my favourite Christmas TV of all time – The Box of Delights in my head, and I really wanted to do a video for it – I asked but another person had beaten me to it.

I saw the original video which is excellent but yet it was more of a traditional mashup affair with loads of Christmas movies and the Blink 182 and Trans-Siberian Orchestra sources, so decided to do mine as more of a simple edit of Box of Delights. I think it works well as an alternative to that video – I wanted to get more of a feeling of magic and delight and awe as a child of Christmas – and do a tribute to one of my favourite Christmas stories and TV series.

Interestingly ‘The Box of Delights’ is Alan Garner’s favourite children’s story, you can see the influence can’t you?

Download the 320×240 MP4 here

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