Hebrides photographs from 2006

Hebrides-0545, originally uploaded by timbearcub.

Those of you might remember my Hebrides podcasts back in September 2006.

Well I’ve finally posted the 1,100 photographs I took then, and I still think it’s best photographs I’ve ever taken…hence hoarding them away from the gannets who scour Flickr for images to rip (and they do). But then I realised what’s the point of these never being seen?

Those of you who listen to digitaldebris (or have seen the site ) might recognise some of these photos. They provided the inspiration for the site design and ethos.

I might post the odd highlight on LJ, but really there are too many, go have a look 😀

Shielings, Lewis
A deserted shieling building, the Shielings, Lewis.

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