Oppose Proposition 8: Standing in the Way of Control pt II

Your back’s against the wall
There’s no-one home to call
You’re forgetting who you are
You can’t stop crying
It’s part not giving in
And part trusting your friends
You do it all again
You don’t stop trying

Standing in the way of control
We live our lives
Because we’re standing in the way of control

We will live our lives

I’ve posted profkampf’s graphic here – and twittered about this – but not really said here how disturbed I am about the division not only in the McCain/Palin camp, but also the dividing lines brought up by Proposition 8. And it deserves saying.

Love knows no gender, race, country or age, so I don’t see how true Xtians could ever ever support this. Stop playing political baseball with mine and other’s lifestyles – you can’t choose who you love. You, or more likely others, can choose to make it easier though, and lose their intolerances and just accept others for who they are.

I said recently about this ‘I’m fed up of being tolerant’ – fed up of being tolerant of idiotic nutters who say I should be dead, go to hell, or live my life – then turn around and expect me to be tolerant of their nutty beliefs. Nope it doesn’t work like that – respect and tolerance are a two way street.

So I hope the citizens of California see sense and get rid of Proposition 8 – I really do.

I found this ironic:

“If you change the definition and have no moral standard, then honestly what is wrong with polygamy?”

Yeah what IS wrong with polygamy, exactly? And polyandry and polyamory…? We have a long way to go, methinks.

I hope Obama gets in, and although he’s not great on the gay marriage question, the whole politics of control and lifestyle interference gets dropped for, you know, the small little things, like the economy, and war. Would be nice.

Why does that affect me? Well it has a knock on effect – we already have civil partnerships here in the UK, it would be nice if the U.S. could honour those, or the U.S. lead the way in showing the supposed freedoms of it’s people, rather than being second fiddle to Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Norway, South Africa, Andorra, Australia (with limits), Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay (and soon to be Hungary too).

And I know people who have got married and I want them to stay that way 😀

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