This is what your TV license gets spent on

and I don’t have a TV either…they just send these out addressed to ‘Occupier’ and threaten you with teh legals. Err, how can you sue me for a TV I don’t have when you don’t know my name? Riiiiight….

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  1. October 20

    I’ve seen them posting them (cheap skates don’t even use Royal Mail) but not had the people knock on the door – and yes I know they can’t come in without warrant, as I don’t have a TV they can’t even claim that they’ve detected one (and the TV detector vans are laughable fiction esp. with multiple flats they can’t get triangulation; my dad being a radionics engineer comes in useful sometimes for info like that!).

    I’ll start sending them back – I get like 1-2 a month! All nasty threatening shit.

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