p990 Email settings (Dreamhosts/GMail)

I’m sure about 3 people on the planet have had this problem but after nearly a year I GOT EMAIL ON MY p990i! Can’t they make it so you just press a button and it configures itself? We are in the 21st century people! Not got send with Gmail to work yet, despite what it says below, but download does work….anyone let me know if they got send to work.

Here are the bits of info I found copied in case they go away:

Gmail settings on the P990i

Just sucessfully set up gmail on the P990:

Get the base settings from gmail here.

Messenging > Settings > Email accounts
Add a new gmail.

Account name: Gmail
Your name: anything
Connection type: POP3
Incoming Server: pop.gmail.com
Username: username@gmail.com
Password: your password
Download restrictions: anything
Receive using group: Preferred group (your working inet connection – wifi or gprs)
Outgoing Server: smtp.googlemail.com
Use Smtp authentication
Use Inbox login details

Then under Advanced in the menu option:
NO secure password authentication
Use MIME encoding

Away you go..

And for Dreamhosts, follow the guide for Unix Evolution – all the others are useless

Set it to IMAP. If you’re POP3 can’t really help you…

example.com is your domain name.

  • Email Address: user@example.com (this tripped me up, all other email clients just need ‘user’)
  • IMAP Server (Incoming): mail.example.com (port 143 has optional TLS encryption, or use port 993 with SSL encryption) – TRANSLATION: TLS – use port 143
  • SMTP Server (Outgoing): mail.example.com:587 (port 587 has optional TLS encryption, or use port 465 for SSL encryption) TRANSLATION: TLS – use port 587
  • User: user@example.com

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