Friday night at the V&A with John

Videoblog recorded on Friday night at V&A with people throwing cutlery around in the background (hence the noise, sorry about that) and this is the type of conversation I have with my partner John on a Friday night, we talk about design and new media, t-shirts, visual vs textual content, pigeons vs doves of peace, and the Cold War Modern exhibition which we were there to visit.

And you can download the MP4 here.

The exhibition was quite good, especially the space age exhibits, and the 40’s/50’s radical furniture such as the womb chair, and talking about the cold war really did make me sad because as well as the ‘Where is my jetpack? Where is my dinner in pill form?’ sentiments of a future on floating cities in the sea and hovercars that never happened, but we are getting right back into that sort of paranoia with Putin and Bush and the next incumbent, and the sabre rattling over Georgia…that sort of competition isn’t actually that productive, especially when it can take the world into a new World War.

But the designs for new cities and ways of living were also heartening that people and designers adapt, but the political side and the needless and empty propaganda and point scoring (especially from the US exhibits trying to convince desperately the people of the U.S.S.R. that the American Dream is worth dreaming; and compared to the Nightmare it has now become.

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