Hey There DJ, Your Nation Needs You

Peel Badge by Skreen from the Cuban Boys
Peel Badge by Skreen from the Cuban Boys

Today was the 4 year anniversary of John Peel’s last show – and on the 25th of this month the anniversary of his death. And fittingly I was reminded of this by the excellent Cuban Boys by the ever-present and psychic DJ Charles III (my iPod). Down down deeper and down!

So, given that BBC has seemingly given up the ghost on a John Peel Day this year, I think a fitting tribute is to play this loud on the 25th (or today if you get it in time). It’s not totally the same without Peel, although Rob da Bank seems to be doing pretty well in his own way, there probably won’t be anyone with the same breadth of music and definitely not anyone with that history. The industry is far too marketing niche and career orientated for that to happen now.

Cuban Boys – The Nation Needs You (7″)
Cuban Boys – The Nation Needs You (12″)

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