Communication breakdown

One of the things that seems to have faded away is the communication in the podcasting community, now that several of the forums have gone means despite being subscribed to a podcasting forum and another blog site, which I don’t think mentioned it, it means I only found out about SocialMediaCamp in London tomorrow now, by accident of someone on my Facebook. Alas it is sold out.

Sigh – I probably would’ve liked to have gone, and would have roped more podcasters in, but how could I have heard about this? Without that central space where everyone or a lot of people go for the UK scene (Podcastmatters is the only closest, maybe UKPA forum wherever that is now) it really means that stuff like this is really hard to hear about – unless you are on Twitter, probably. Something I refuse to join; it’s sad that to keep up with podcasting/social media you have to sign up with a few people’s not-easily-findable twitters and hope they keep you in the loop – progress eh?

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