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Hey iPhone users – would you want to download podcasts via an app on your iPhone?

Well Apple Computer Says No. (via podcasting news)

It’s not like you’d want to download podcasts via the device directly, I mean it’s not a device with WiFi or HDSPA is it? Oh, wait…;-)

OK I’ve had my difficulties with Apple in the past*, that aside as a podcaster this does boggle the mind…I would like people to download my podcasts from wherever they are, whatever device they are on, and iPhone app to do that can do nothing but good (rather than those spammy Facebook-style one-podcast-only apps which annoy me, as of course only pro or semi pro podcasts can afford to develop those).

I suspect maybe Apple is launching their own app to do this…stopping all rival apps is not really beyond Apple with their history.

Really I’m starting to wonder if Apple really cares about podcasting at all…it seems to be sidelined you know?

* full disclosure: Radio Clash was banned or unable to get my feed onto iTunes for 2 years, with no explaination, part of the reason we never had the big ‘spike’ of listenership others had – so I have experienced being outside that particular ‘wall’ – it’s not nice. I hope Apple sees sense about this app.

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