Calling MacBook Pro/ modern PC Laptop DJs (aka Expresscard is a pile o’ shit)

What do you use as a decent (ie not crappy onboard) soundcard?

I just bought an Indigo DJ on eBay, arrived and I’d made the SAME mistake, it’s PCMCIA and I need fucking ExpressCard, it’s a totally useless format since no-one supports it, especially for soundcards apart from a very badly reviewed Creative Xi-Fi and given my history with that company, the response is ‘no fucking way’ to buying one.

I cannot believe that companies like Echo Audio *are throwing this chance away – all new MacBook Pros don’t have PCMCIA slots anymore, and new laptop PCs too. They all have fairly useless unsupported Expresscard/34 slots. Grrr.

So I’m left with either:

  • Buying a dodge looking PCMCIA to Expresscard converter from HK, thus totally spoiling the whole point of buying an internal card in the first place
  • Selling it and buying an external USB device – again spoiling the whole point – I mean laptops are supposed to be PORTABLE right? Not attached to big heavy lumps of metal and plastic with knobs on them.

So what’s a wannabe laptop DJ supposed to do? Sigh. Tempted to sell this lump o’ crap and get an older laptop or a faster MacBook, but for the latter I don’t have the money, definitely not now with this economy and lack of work…sigh.

* And their response?¬†Use their Firewire devices – totally useless for me as PC laptops don’t have full powered Firewire slots, so I’d need to also lug around a power adapter. This is not good for gigs.

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  1. Arty Fufkin
    August 30

    I’m stupid with this kind of stuff but would love to hear about a better internal soundcard for my macbook pro if you find one. I have just been down the path of going backwards several steps to get my old power mac G4 to where it was in 2006 after lots of wrong stupid turns using the mbp with m-box ,which I just simply don’t like the sound of. Also the bloody I-lok is a total pain.

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