Help me, oh iPod-kenobis (and Zune-masters)

OK you techno-g33kz out there can help me – I have been creating video podcasts but having nothing but problems, because although if you follow Apple’s specs for video that will play on an iPod, it still won’t work depending on what software you use (does this sound familiar? And people wonder why I have a dislike for Apple – it’s like QT Pro encoding, it runs really fast if you upgrade to Pro, and use their presets – yet runs slow even then encoding from other programs..hmm).

Sadly the best encoder I don’t have a copy of *ahem* and is really really slow – the first video podcast I did was created using the rough n’ready export function of After Effects – really slow, needs literally 10’s of Gbs of space otherwise it balks out, but weirdly the most compliant. How odd).

Anyway as I don’t have a video iPod or Zune I’d be really grateful if some of youse fling these files at them and see what happens (and yes surprisingly Zune does mp4 and m4v, at spookily the same specs LOL).

And can you let me know what iTunes (if you use that) says if you (right) click and say ‘Convert for iPod’ whether it says ‘No conversion needed’ or tries to do so, and if the original file works regardless.

Video podcast – encoded by QT Pro, Mp4

Video podcast encoded for iPhone, m4v

Video podcast encoded by Videora – 5G iPod, 320×240

I won’t include the iTunes created version. It seems to think everyone wants a m4v file at 640×480 HQ at 110Mbs. Nice. Thank you Apple for your bloat-friendly AppleTV-stealth-supporting specs. I’ll let you know when I win the lottery and can afford the bandwidth/file storage, mmmkay?

Thanks in advance – I’m this close actually dropping support for downloads/devices and going YouTube only, ironically that’s far easier, unless I can find a solution.

And they wonder why video podcasts didn’t take off like YouTube? I think their answer is right here in this post….

EDIT: I think I partly worked it out – strangely old MPEG-4s seem to not need being recoded – looks like only certain sizes or certain types (?) of H264 files are supported, but I’m still interested whether the iPhone ones work with iPods too. The first one should be the most compatible – or is it?

And yes those of you who’ve had problems playing it on your iPod try that one – it’s a new (not H264) version.

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