All you Can Eat 80’s!

Over at the Spanish remix/community site Buffet Libre are 40 (!!!) covers and remixes of 80’s tunes, and mighty good they are too. As always it’s a mixed bag, but those of an electronic persuasion and those who love 80’s tunes (that’s most of my friends then) will love something in this.

There are even some more well known names in there such as Electric Soft Parade, Fil OK..and err…well that’s it from that regard but some of the names ring slight DX7 Bells.

Apparently there are more to come in September – may it roll on!

Usually I keep stuff like this solely for the podcast, not sure if and when I’ll do one next, so here are my choices in a new bloggy format:

Simply brilliant:
Electric Soft Parade – Jealousy – a simply astounding cover of a song that never ever gets old – slowing it down and stripping it down, adding distortion and piano at points adds a lot. Nice to hear from these guys again, where have they been?…

Mashup yet not:
Saint Bernadette – Owner of a Lonely Heart / Things Can Only Get Better – yes a band doing a ‘live’ cover mashup of Yes AND Howard Jones (!). And it works…almost a guilty pleasure hearing Howard Jones, but then again what is Yes then? I can’t decide which is more guiltier – It’s a guilt paradox!

Stick that Purple One:
Culture Prophet – Erotic City – yes sort but sleep glitchy electro version, which unlike a lot of Prince covers floating around in a sea of writs is actually good.

Kate Bush in good remix shockah!
Kate Bush – Under Ice (Fil Ok Remix) – And by a ex-happy hardcore person as well…wow. Great non-obvious-but-inspired choice of track, a ambient electro burbling remix of an album track off Hounds of Love.

Loud shouty rudeness award goes to:
Pomomofo – Ride The White Horse Yes that one, “if you wanna be a phony, ride the white pony!”

What I was listening on Pride:
!Trash Yourself – Fuck The Police – I wish someone had dared to play this at Pride. No fucking way they would though. Rude noisy angry glitchtronica.

I can’t believe it’s so gay*!
Madonna – Into the Groove (Sidechains mix) – yep Madge goes french house compression style. And I like it, unusually for 99.9999999% of any Madgephonia. Maybe cos it’s one of the few really good songs she has. Well like only one…pretty much. No strangely for some reasons the Kylie or Madonna gene passed me by…

Doubly gay* and double the guilty pleasure:
Belinda Carlisle – Heaven is a Place on Earth (Hidden Cat Remix) 0h. dear. This is SO GHEY I can imagine the bopping shirtless throngs now, but unusually for La Carlisle I actually like it – and I hate this song usually, even that Orbital remix. A banger as they say in teh biz.

* And if you don’t read this blog usually, that’s a very GOOD thing! Well I would say that…(waltzes out)

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  1. Ian
    July 6

    Thank you for this. I am hopelessly stuck in the eighties and hearing new takes on classic songs is a pleasant treat. I’ve already passed it along to a friend. I’ll drink a Newcastle to you for this tonight!


    I’d rather be in the UK any day.

  2. July 6

    This – this is fantastic. Tres bien.

  3. July 8

    Must… Stop.. Playing… Fuck the Police… Trash Yourself… Must… FUCK!


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