It Aint Girl Talk…

OK I listened to the new Girl Talk LP (Feed the Animals) and it was a big pile o’ MEH. Better than NightRipper, only slightly clashy but it washed over me, I have heard this all before – I’ll let you into a few DJ secrets:

1. It’s easy to mix hiphop reasonably well (I mean even I used to manage it when I started – for instance my Roy Orbison ‘You Got It’ vs Peaches in 2003) and quickly – no key clash (although he managed it on Soulja boy, because like Eminem ‘sing song’ forms of rap do actually have a key!)

2. Mixing whole songs together is hard – you have to rearrange the song structure, which not only could be in different tempos, time signatures could be in different keys or melodies. Mixing little bits of songs in 30 seconds or less chunks is far far far easier, especially if they are spoken word or hiphop – small bits you can pick and choose which bits to use also, leaving the ‘difficult’ bits out

Really I think he’s becoming the Jivebunny of the Noughties…

Anyway it’s easy to say ‘there’s been better’ but really, anyone could say that so time to put my mixes where my mouth is, well not mine but others – here’s some Zip compilations of my favourite long and short mixes of the last 8 years that use many sources but do it a HELL of a lot better than Mr Gillis:

It Aint Girl Talk, it’s BETTER (Vols 1-4  -each 200Mb or so each, zipped)

Volume 1:
inc mixes/mashups from Evolution Control Commitee, Soulwax and Osymyso

Volume 2:
inc mixes mashes from Audioshrapnel inc the full quality of the exclusive Radio Clash mix, Avalanches, Hank Handy, DJ Earworm

Volume 3:
inc mixes/mashes from Frenchbloke & Son, Freelance Hairdresser, Ian Fondue, DJ Food and Osymyso

Volume 4:
inc Hank Handy, Soundhog, Strictly Kev, team9

(And of course you’ll hear more tracks like this in your hopefully favourite podcast Radio Clash!)

As they’re not on my server – feel free to share, repost, torrent whatever – I’m uploading some rare/exclusive stuff too. I hope these help educate people that a) there is better out there, for free and b) Mr Gillis isn’t the future of mashups (he hates the term – he claimed he was not related to mashups in an interview last year! He then retracted it, but still, what is he then? The new Z-Trip? LOL)


  1. June 23

    Nice post Tim, cheers. I’ve never heard of Hank Handy, was he pre-GYBO?

  2. June 23

    No I just think he didn’t post it on GYBO, although he’s been mentioned. Only did 2 boots or so then disappeared….

  3. I assume the Strictly Kev in Vol. 4 is the “End of the 20th Century” mix? I’ll have to check it out to see if NOT. Wouldn’t want to miss out on any DJ Food goodness! 🙂

  4. Pete
    June 23

    Grabbed all these just to make sure I hadn’t missed stuff. And I had. Reall y enjoying the ECC Ritalin Ruckus.
    Big thanks.

  5. June 23

    Yup the DJ Food one is – and the Strictly Kev is one of his BTTB Solid Steel mix 😉

  6. June 24

    Or, if you find that it’s GIrl Talk that really floats your boat, you might want to check out Ludachrist.

  7. sean
    June 27

    hey, I really appreciate this! I keep seeing comments in blogs and reviews saying stuff like “there’s much better stuff out there!” but no one has actually named anyone! until now! I found this through your comment on stereogum. looking forward to giving this a listen.

    as an aside, I don’t think you should hate on gillis himself. he’s a very unpretentious fellow and is just doing what he loves. it’s the hypers that are your enemy.

  8. January 5

    I still come back to this post when I hear someone say Girl Talk is some kind of genius…

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