My first mashup video – Neon Sex People

Was a lot of fun to do despite it being delayed 3 days by the Virtumonde trojan. Does what it says on the tin – mashup video of Depeche Mode, Neon Neon and Latour. Was a lot of the other sort of ‘fun’ synching via After Effects, I can tell you!Quite proud of this – mashing up the great ‘People are Still Having Sex’ Latour video, Neon Neon’s Jellyfish-tastic effort and the classic ‘on a ship hitting things’ Depeche Mode video for People are People.80’s, 90’s and 00’s all in one mashup! Phew!

Direct link here (MP4 is so much better, daaaaahling!)

Relatio Clash

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  1. That could not have been easy – geometrically tougher than putting together an audio mashup, I bet. But I like. Every time Depeche Mode takes me into the way-back machine, the jelyfish bring me… err…. back to the future. What, did I try to hard to make a DeLorean reference there?

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