RC 160: Negativland 2 – Choice of a Negativ Generation

Culturejamming by Tim, (no) slogon by Negativland, teeth rotting by Pepsi

True or False, red or blue, eggs or peas, aluminium or glass, music or noise, whiskers or mittens, 180-G or 409, stupid or dumb, these are some of my favourite things.

The second part of the Negativland series takes us from 1993 and the dumb depths of legality to 2007 and No Business is good business (even if it is Acappella in your Head FM).

If you want the full version of the above graphic 1024×768 for a desktop, here it is: NegativChoice Desktop

Heightened Reality Clickette (96Mb, 114mins)


  • Negativland – The Gun and The Bible (from Free 1993)
  • Negativland – Dreams About Fire, Mr. Dirt, White Clouds in the Sky and The End (from Willsaphone Stupid Show, 1993)
  • Negativland – Aluminum or Glass: The Memo (from Dispepsi 1997)
  • Negativland – The Greatest Taste Around (from Dispepsi 1997)
  • Negativland – Happy Hero (from Dispepsi 1997)
  • Negativland – Why Is This Commercial? (from Dispepsi 1997)
  • Negativland – True False Tour Live in Cleveland Part 1 (excerpt, 2000)
  • Negativland – Truth In Advertising (from Dispepsi 1997)
  • Negativland – True False Tour Live in Cleveland Part 3 (excerpt, 2000)
  • Negativland – True False Tour Live in Cleveland Part 1 (excerpt, 2000)
  • Negativland – Crumpled Farm (from Free 1993)
  • Negativland – Jolly Green Giant (From Happy Heroes)
  • Negativland – Perfect Scrambled Eggs (from Potatoes 1987)
  • Negativland – View to the Sun (from Free 1993)
  • Negativland – On The Bank (unreleased, 1995)
  • Negativland – True False Tour Live in Cleveland Part Two (2000)
  • Negativland – My Favorite Things (from No Business 2005)
  • Negativland – No Business (from No Business 2005)
  • Negativland – Our National Anthem (from Free 1993)
  • Negativland – disc2 trk3 (from It’s All in Your Head FM 2006)
  • Negativland – disc2 trk4 (from It’s All in Your Head FM 2006)
  • 180 Gs – I Am God (from 180D’Gs to the Future 2007)
  • Negativland – True False Tour Live in Cleveland Part 3 (excerpt, 2000)


  1. joe
    April 17

    Dude, are you a machine? this is like the 6th episode in 2 days, plus a video podcast. Your filling up my work week. Loved the video podcast btw, very funny!

  2. Ian
    April 17

    You have made a new Negativland fan out of me! A lot of jokes from the 80’s I never quite got now make sense. Somehow I missed them back then. I can’t wait to listen to Part II later today.

    Brilliant podcast.

  3. DJ Knight
    April 18

    Totally, semi-awesome little packages! Amazing set (as is the Beatles sets.) I think you’ve found your calling, man…

  4. Yannick
    April 23

    Where, oh where diversity has gone?

    7 of the last 11 podcasts a centered of 2 artists…

  5. April 23

    3 artists actually.

    I save that for the Odds and Sods shows, which are very diverse, and the Beatles shows have covers and mashups by a wide range of artists.

    And if you don’t like it, you can always get a refund….

  6. April 23

    Oh and you’re fairly alone in liking the diverse shows, they get almost exactly half the listeners of the themed shows.

  7. Yannick
    April 24

    I actually like them, what I meant is that a themed show is great, but you could divert the theme, anyway, it’s only my personal opinion.

    I dont mean it in a mean way, i really enjoy what you are doing. Especially the fact that you keep it free and stuff.

    Speaking of free music…

    May i suggest a Metallica special?


  8. Yannick
    April 24

    PS: I didn’t say 3 artists cause the Pet Shop Boys was a single show

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