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I keep a sort-of eye on my stats, usually to see if TwoRetardsOneCupRickRollMutantPigF**kersFromMars.com is still linking to me – but sometimes it brings good news – like I’m listed on Creative’s ZENCast (which as someone pointed out is not the same as Zune – too many MP3 players with similar names!) which for all the Apple iPod users out there who are pulling faces is actually promoting podcasts more actively and bringing in more new people than iTunes has done for a long while…in my estimates about 200-300 new people popped by in the last few weeks from there.

So howdy! We’re device agnostic around here (given my experience with Apple in the past sometimes less agnostic and more expletive not-so-deleted), and are happy to have you drop by and hopefully listen whatever player you use…I hope you enjoy Radio Clash.

Now to be ever listed on Zune…hmm…

Relatio Clash

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  1. Ian
    April 7

    I apologize if I am incorrect, but I do believe that ZENcast belongs to Creative Arts, manufacturer of the ZEN, which I own. Zune is a product of Mickeysoft. Their podcasting program can be found at Zune.net.

    I love your podcasts and would love a full track of your remix of your theme song.

  2. Ian
    April 8

    Tim, thank you very much.


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