RC 155: Beatles #4 – A Hard Reg Dwight

Continuing the Beatles mashups and covers, now with 100% more Elton John, with absolutely 0% relevance!

Goodbye Yellow Matter Custard (52Mb, 67mins)

  • We love the beatles (from Exotic Beatles 2)
  • Ludwig Van 88 – Come Together
  • Los Fernandos – Yellow Submarine
  • Mutation – Love from Abbey Road
  • The Upsetters (ft The Soulettes) – Let it Be (from Trojan’s Beatles Tribute box set)
  • Tumse Hai Dil Ko (from Janwar, 1965)
  • djBC – Tripper Trouble (from the Beastles)
  • Hank Handy – Beatles Mash-up Medley
  • Public Enemy – Psycho of Greed (from the Illegal Art comp)
  • ToToM – Tomorrow the Sun Never Sets (from Block Rockin’ Boots Mk 2)
  • DJ Dangermouse – What more can I say? (from the Grey Album)
  • Rosalyn Sweat and the Paragons – Blackbird (singing) (from Trojan’s Beatles Tribute box set)
  • Marcia Griffiths – Don’t Let me Down (from Trojan’s Beatles Tribute box set)
  • Teenage Fanclub – Ballad of John and Yoko
  • Harry Nilsson – You Can’t Do That
  • Fredo Viola – Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite (for John Lennon – from Hippocamp Ruins Sgt Peppers)
  • GHP – Nightbeatle
  • Ben Folds Five – Golden Slumbers

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  1. March 17

    Awesome collection, awesome direction for the podcast to go in…hopefully it doesn’t incur anyone’s wrath in the music biz. And praise Jesus, so far no “Stars On 45” Beatle medleys anywhere to be found…look forward to another installment…and more cool artwork too.

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