DJNoNo Ulysses playing at the Fat Tiger this Sun

DjNoNo, Mil bear

The Fat Tiger in Second Life is throwing a movie monster / sci-fi party on Sunday and I’m DJing from 10am-12, probably loads of monster mutant mashups and space disco greats, amongst others. Remember FT is a male avatar only space (I did ask but it’s not negotiable even for events), so bring your male avis or furry avis (they are furry friendly, well being a bear haunt it would!), and there is a prize for the best costume.

Hope to see you on Sunday!


  1. Simon
    April 28

    Fat Tiger is gone from Second Life now. No sign of it.

    • May 12

      Things move very fast – most of the places I used to hang out are either gone or moved. Land costs too much, basically.

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