He seeks them here… he seeks them there

Where have all the podcasters gone online? I get the distinct impression of a deserted party where no-one’s told me which party or where everyone has goneĀ  on to.

I assumed everyone moved over to Twitter, but can’t find them over there – certainly the podcasters aren’t in Second Life, not on any of the forums in anything but small number, or on Facebook in any visible/group form other than a few people.

It’s so quiet compared to 2006/early 2007, it’s spooky. Where is everyone?


  1. debbie
    January 11

    missing the live streaming…..too impatient to keep hunting, even tho am trying…but….discovering loads of other wicked stuff in my hunt! However….i WANT that track that was streamin bout 6 weeks ago….mix with pink panther theme tune in it, funky, dancy thing…gutted i can’t find it.
    looking for material for radio show…thats why i wanted that….check out radio4a.org.uk..monthly schedule, saturdays…rhyme and reason, 1.30 – 3.00.
    Loving this…song to the siren….amazing and this one, robet whyatt…and prob the next 1 too…and the next..and so on..will be playing it this weekend.
    well done.
    Debbie x

  2. January 12

    Hmm Pink Panther track? Can you tell me more (I’m not aware of a funky pink panther version – was it ska that went mental/thrash?)

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